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Bone Regeneration & Bone Grafting

In order for dental implants to be successful, the presence of healthy and adequate bone is essential. Many causes lead to bone loss and the formation of defects that may require augmentation. Bone grafting may be used to regenerate a small or large defect.


Techniques & Materials

Different types of grafts and grafting materials can be used. The traditional standard bone graft material is to use the patient’s own bone. The graft can be obtained from different areas sites such as the mandible (lower jaw), hip bone, etc. and placed in the area of the defect. This bone graft will then re-vascularize and become incorporated. Many other options are also available as well and these materials have dramatically improved in predictability over the years.


Bone regeneration and bone grafting work hand-in-hand in order to restore these defects. Bone regeneration is the ability of your body to form new bone. Many techniques and materials used today enhance the patient’s ability to form new bone. Different types of membranes and materials can be used to help isolate the bone graft and enhance the formation of new bone.

Bone augmentation is a very predictable and safe procedure. It can be placed at the same time as the implant. During your consultation Dr. Mazen Duraini will discuss your options and explain the benefits of these different modalities.

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