5 Common Problems Associated with Dentures and 1 Permanent Solution


11 Sep 5 Common Problems Associated with Dentures and 1 Permanent Solution

Dentures have certainly come a long way since the days of George Washington’s wooden teeth. Modern dentures are lightweight, more natural looking, and are a common solution to tooth loss. However, despite the advances in technology, dentures are known to present several problems and annoyances that make wearing them a hassle. Here are 5 common problems associated with wearing dentures.

1. Dentures Don’t Fit

Perhaps the most common problem denture-wearers experience is dentures that don’t fit properly. Over time, your gums and jaw undergo natural changes that can cause dentures to slip and lose their fit. As a result, dentures rub against the gum and can create very uncomfortable soreness and swelling.

2. Difficulty Eating

Dentures can make it difficult to eat all of your favorite foods you once enjoyed. Denture-wearers must be careful about the foods they eat and conscious of how they chew. Biting up and down with your front teeth may cause dentures to dislodge and lead to discomfort. Hard foods may also cause difficulties and possibly cause dentures to slip.

3. Difficulty Speaking

An activity as simple as speaking can be difficult with dentures, particularly in the early stages of wearing them. You may notice that you have to speak slower and that certain words are difficult to pronounce. An increase in saliva production may also pose challenges to speaking normally.

4. Infection

Improper care and ill-fitting dentures may lead to a variety of infections of the mouth. Two of the most common infections denture-wearers experience are cheilitis and stomatitis, both of which can be caused by an overgrowth of yeast. Cheilitis may cause painful inflammation and cracking on the corner of your lips while stomatitis can be characterized by bumps or redness on the roof of your mouth.

5. Constant Refitting

Perhaps the biggest annoyance of wearing dentures is the need for constant refitting and adjustments. To ensure a proper fit, it is not uncommon for dentures to be realigned at least once per year if not more frequently. Additionally, as mentioned above, natural changes in the jaw and gums can present the need to replace dentures completely. Constant refitting requires a large investment of both time and money.

All-on-4s: The Solution to Dentures

While developments in denture technology have come a long way, there are far better options that exist. Perhaps the best solution is a dental implant procedure known as the All-on-4 technique. This technique involves the placement of four, or more, dental implants to support the prosthesis using the best bone available. The result is a permanent solution and teeth that won’t move or require refitting. Once a complex and expensive procedure, the All-on-4 technique is now a cost effective solution requiring only ONE surgery for most patients.

You don’t have to deal with the annoyance and problems of ill-fitting dentures any longer. Contact Dr. Duraini today to talk about how All-on-4s can provide you a permanent solution and give you the ability to enjoy the simple things in life again.


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